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      Our plant fulfils all the necessary safety requirements for the storage of chemical products and is perfectly adapted to all our clients’ needs. Our staff is highly qualified and experienced in the handling of solvents.


      Our head office is located in Valdemoro (Madrid).  These new offices were opened in 2002 and extend over 12,000 square metres.  There are 4 loading and unloading cisterns, an 800 square metre warehouse for product loading and a 1,000 square metre warehouse for storing (in transit),the packed product .  We have a sales office in ANDALUCIA where we attend our clients in the south of Spain.  


      Products are stored and later distributed by our own fleet of trucks.  Having our own fleet of trucks allows us to provide a better service as quickly as possible.




      Providing the best service possible is one of the pillars of our company; to provide as much, as soon and wherever the clients wishes.  Thanks to our geographical location we are able to provide our clients with prompt and efficient service. 


      We are expert at supplying all types of containers: in bulk, drums, IBCs, jars, cans, etc.


Besides distributing chemical products, we also provide other services such as:


           - LOGISTICS “JUST IN TIME” SYSTEM lets our clients save space, (they are not compelled to accumulate stock), and prevents the intrinsic risks of storing hazardous merchandise.

           - MIXING PROCESSESS: using our own or clients’ formulas


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